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Infant Massage & Baby Yoga

  • Want to ensure your baby gets the best possible start in life by nurturing and strengthening that special bond?
  • Could you all do with more sleep?
  • Wish you could help relieve your baby's common aches and pains without medicine?

 Benefits of Infant Massage & Baby Yoga

Aids secure attachment & strengthens bonding via communication

Soothes common baby aches & pains

Reciprocal relaxation leading to better sleep

Stimulates all baby's major systems, improves muscle development & helps balance

Why opt for Happy Hatchlings?

In today's society we are expected to know how to do it all, and, what's more, how to do everything perfectly.  Parenthood is no exception.  If you ask the most honest mums and dads of newborns they will tell you that the hardest job you will ever do is becoming a parent, regardless of whether it is for the first time, or the fourth time!

Learning to read those baby cues and understand that little person's needs in those early months is one of the most difficult tasks and it can take time.  Hopefully with the help of Happy Hatchlings infant massage and baby yoga courses you will be able to identify those all important signals that little bit quicker and satisfy your bambino and yourself!

At Happy Hatchlings we want you to learn how to communicate with that precious bundle of joy in an easygoing, welcoming and fun environment.  Fab and not-so-fab experiences can be shared amongst each other, the happy hormones are flowing freely, confidence is built and babies are contented and secure.

Claire is a fully qualified and insured infant  massage & baby yoga  instructor and recently joined this wonderful world of  parenthood at the tender age of 38!  She understands only too well the challenges parents nowadays  face in this ever-changing landscape, combined with the breathtaking love and vast joy that can be shared between parent and infant.

Come join us to learn these amazing lifelong skills that benefits both caregiver and baby!

Happy Hatchlings offer intimate group classes (limited to 10 adults and babies per class to ensure more chance to interact).  Currently 4/5/6-week blocks of classes are offered at Saintfield in County Down  and  also in Knocknagoney in Greater Belfast. 

Seasonal summer sessions in the great outdoors of the beautiful Stormont Estate are also offered during July and August. 

Intergenerational classes are a source of great fun for all involved....the older tenants, parents and babies.  They take place at various locations in conjunction with Alpha Housing NI and are available to those parents who have enrolled in another payable Happy Hatchlings course. 

Furthermore, private one-to-one sessions are also available that can be held in the comfort of your own home, to both mums and dads.

I am currently doing Happy Hatchlings' advanced baby yoga 6-week course, having completed both the beginners baby yoga classes and the infant massage sessions.....our group of mums and babies really bonded from the outset so it's a bonus I never really expected when I signed up back in January.

The massage really helped Eden with wind issues at the beginning and baby yoga will hopefully help her to achieve developmental milestones now she is that little bit bigger.  We both really enjoy the chilled out, fun sessions every week, especially as my little girl is getting more & more inquisitive about the world around her.....the cute songs that accompany the movements make her giggle and I could almost fall asleep in the mummy-baby relaxation bit at the end of class!   

So many benefits for both mum and baby....you'd be mad not to sign up for Claire's baby courses!

Louise & Eden


Samuel and I have completed both the Baby Yoga and Baby Massage courses and really enjoyed both.  Claire is a fantastic instructor and makes you feel incredibly at ease and comfortable from the beginning.  She caters to the babies needs and is extremely approachable and professional.  I was lucky to have a great group of ladies at both courses and it was amazing to watch as our babies developed over the weeks.  I would highly recommend Happy Hatchlings and would definitely be re-enrolling should Baby no2 come along!

Helen & Samuel

Dad Gavin & Harvey subsequently attending their 6-week infant massage course

Anna & I loved our baby massage classes every week in Comber.  Claire is a great teacher who puts you at ease and generally just makes you feel better as a new Mum!

Anna was always asleep by the end of the class - allowing me to enjoy the tea and biscuits!! And we loved it so much we signed up to baby yoga and already don't know what we will do when it ends.

Highly recommend any of Claire's classes!

Fiona & Anna

My little girl has just finished a Happy Hatchlings course on a Saturday morning with her dad.  It was a great way for her to spend some quality time bonding with her daddy!  My husband says that it's really helped him get to know her cues and little personality - this was really important to us all as she's breastfed and dad getting a look-in in these early days can sometimes be tough!

Claire is a great teacher who obviously loves the babies. She was happy for me to pop in at the start of class to give one last feed before it started.  A great class that I would devinitely recommend to all.

Review from Christine, Nigel's wife and Evie's mum (pictured on the left)

Harvey & I thoroughly enjoyed our baby massage sessions with Claire.  I found the massage really relaxed Harvey as well as having great benefits to his digestive system and circulation.  It was so nice to have that one on one time with him and I found carrying out the massage moves very relaxing for me as well.  Claire was so reassuring and knowledgable.  Our sessions were so chilled out!  The course of sessions allowed me to learn strokes and routines for all parts of the body and the handouts are a great guide to remind me of everything when I am doing this with Harvey on my own.   I am going to enrol my husband and Harvey for Claire's classes as I think it would be an invaluable bonding experience for them and real quality time to spend together.

Stephanie & Harvey

What the mums & dads say


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